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These are essays that I wrote for our church's newsletter, which deal with various topics that may be of interest to inquiring minds. Enjoy!

Sabbath How does the Old Testament Sabbath apply to New Testament Christians? If Christians consider this question at all, they typically resort to some legalistic application, 'God will be angry if I watch the football game on Sunday.' This essay is my case for a theological understanding of Sabbath and how it should be applied practically, based on this understanding.

A Case for More Frequent Communion The title sorta explains this one.

Heaven This essay looks a different passages that talk about the heavenly dwelling of God and explores how the weighty reality of heaven should come to bear upon our daily lives.

The Life of Melody This is a devotional on Ephesians 3:16. Why has God given us music? I argue that the fact that He has tells us something very important about who He is and who we are to be.

June, 2008