I am a worship leader in Jackson, Mississippi who writes songs and rewrites hymns for the worship of the Church. Accordingly, I strive to write songs with theological content and accessible, singable melodies that can be easily used by diverse congregations. This site offers recordings, lyric sheets, and chord charts all for free in hopes that many will benefit from my music. For booking (camps, retreats, events) or general correspondence, please email me by clicking here.

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1. Great King, High Priest, True Prophet.mp3 Chart Lyrics

Words and music: Ryan Dean

Christ is the center of our faith and should, therefore, be the center of our worship. This song examines and celebrates how Jesus fulfilled the three Old Testament offices of prophet, priest, and king.

2. Praise the Lord, You Heavens Adore Him.mp3 Chart Lyrics

Words verses 1,2: anonymous; verse 3: Osler; Music: Ryan Dean; Vocals: Leslie Dean

Those familiar with the original melodic setting of this text will see its vestige in my version. I've rounded off the melodic edges in hopes of creating a version more intuitive to modern ears (even though I still adore the original setting). This text works wonderfully as a Call to Worship.

3. Joy of My Life.mp3 Chart Lyrics

Words and music: Ryan Dean; Vocals: Jodi Thompson

This song began in my jottings with the little phrase "Jesus Christ, joy of my life." Not only did this express my heart, but it also seemed to roll off the tongue in a way suggesting that the two phrases were born to be juxtaposed. The verses are a theological explication of why this mantra is true for us who know Him.

4. O God, the Rock of Ages.mp3 Chart Lyrics

Words: Edward Bickersteth; Music: Ryan Dean; Bass: Carl Bedingfield

I found this text hidden in the Trinity Hymnal and was stirred by its poetry: "Our years are like the shadows on sunny hills that lie / or grasses in the meadow that blossom but to die; / A sleep, a dream, a story by strangers quickly told, / an unremaining glory of things that soon are old." I wonder how it would affect our living to have an acute and constant sense of our own mortality.

5. A Debtor to Mercy Alone.mp3 Chart Lyrics

Words: Augustus Toplady; Music: Ryan Dean; Vocals: Jodi Thompson

Toplady's lyric is one of my favorites, having become almost a confession of faith for me. The doctrine of the imputed righteousness of Christ of which Toplady writes has become a treasure to me like it was to Luther. Herein I am free to relate to God not on the basis of my recent behavior record, but on the basis of Christ's intercession, which is sealed by his blood. I hope this song leads you to meditate on this most important truth.

6. Ephesians 2.mp3 Chart Lyrics

Words and music: Ryan Dean

I wrote this song during a sermon series at our church on the book of Ephesians. The 2nd chapter of Ephesians is a wonderful statement of the two parts of the Gospel message. Verses 1-3 reveal that dark truth about us: dead in sins, slaves to Satan, tools of our sinful nature, and the objects of God's wrath. In verse 4, the spark of the Gospel is ignited with two wonderful words: "But God." Not because of our initiative, but "while we were dead in our trespasses" God made us alive in Christ. May this song assist us in singing this message!

7. Sing Praise to God, Who Reigns Above.mp3 Chart Lyrics

Words: Johann Schutz; Music: Ryan Dean

I have heard it said that there are two foundational Biblical truths: first, God is; second, God reigns. The world constantly tells us that neither are true, so we must be vigilant in reminding ourselves that, contrary to the wisdom of the world, our God is real and powerful, the King of Creation. This understanding moves us to sing the words of faith: "So all my toilsome way along I sing aloud His praises, / that all may hear the grateful song my voice unwearied raises."

8. To Us a Child of Hope Is Born.mp3 Chart Lyrics

Words: John Morison; Music: Ryan Dean; Harmonica: Steve Dunn; Vocals: Jodi Thompson

Every Christmas, I try to write/rewrite a Christmas song. This is one such attempt. The lyrics are drawn primarily from the Old Testament prophets, through whom God shaped His people's expectations about the coming Messiah. Jesus' birth marked the consummation of the prophetic hope...the King has come! In Him the promises of God are yes and are amen.

9. Bend the Knee.mp3 Chart Lyrics

Words and music: Ryan Dean

Yet another Christmas project, whose content eventually grew to encompasses much more than the events of Christ's birth. Still, the irony of the incarnation is to me the inspiration for more songs than the world could write. The Creator becomes a creature, who could imagine it? The King of Glory cometh / Wrapped up in Adam's skin, filled with the blood of man.

10. The King of Love.mp3 Chart Lyrics

Words: Henry Baker; Music: Ryan Dean; Djembe: Ethan Seifried; Vocals: Leslie Dean

The pastoral metaphor (our Lord as shepherd / His people as sheep) is hard to avoid in Scripture, perhaps because it so accurately describes both parties. We, like sheep, have gone astray and tend to be suicidally prone to wander. Our Father, like a shepherd, loves us, seeks us, and protects us from our enemies. Or as Baker words it, Perverse and foolish oft I strayed / but yet in love He sought me; / and on his shoulder gently laid, / and home rejoicing brought me.

11. God of Moses.mp3 Chart Lyrics

Words and music: Ryan Dean; Harmonica: Steve Dunn

I penned this one during a sermon series at our church on Exodus. Coming to chapter 33, the Israelite's grumbling and rebellion had reach the point that the Lord was threatening to withdraw His presence and leave them on their own. Moses intercedes, praying "if your presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here." Moses realized that if they did not have the Lord, they had nothing. His prayer has become my own...not that I fear the Lord withdrawing his presence from me, but because I realize that his protection and presence are my (and our) only hope in a dangerous and difficult world. To walk with him and have him walk with us is our only safe passage.

12. May the End Find Us.mp3 Chart Lyrics

Words and music: Ryan Dean; Upright bass: Carl Bedingfield

This song began with a desire to write a tune for the benediction section of our services. I started by gathering the exhortation passages from Paul's epistles and then strung them together in lyrical form. A common prayer for my life is that I would be faithful to Christ long-term. It's so sad to see how many fall by the wayside; we must realize that it is only by the Spirit's power that we are sustained in our walk and only by His grace that we finish strong.

Feb, 2010